Daily Archives: 02/20/2011

A Day of Imagination, Inspiration & Innovation

(Community Matters) Hard for our family to be any more enthusiastic about TEDxAustin, its founders (Nancy Giordano & Jen Spencer) and their team – Stacy Weitzer (co-curator), Mary Baird-Wilcox, Lionel Felix, Romy Suskin, Shannon Mehner, Kelley Burrus, Jerry Giordano and Jennifer Loveland.

Robyn O’Brien had the audience on their seat’s edge as she shed light on the food industry – citing high US cancer rates ever since bio-engineering of American farm produce (which isn’t allowed in Europe or other Western countries and their cancer rates are materially lower). Joaquin Zihuatanejo brought me to tears reciting poetry in street cadence, reflecting on violence & the heritage of sacrifice among youth – watch Joaquin here.

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