Daily Archives: 02/09/2011

Texas House Committee Assignments

(Community Matters) Speaker Straus released committee assignments today. Rep Strama on public education – which is huge for Central Texas. I’m told he didn’t want chairmanship of his old committee any longer.  Duke keeps appropriations; Howard high-ed; Elliot gains human services, remaining Public Health VC; Rodriguez on calendars & transportation

Taking Up Space

(Community Matters) really too tired to post but couldn’t stand leaving my posting about my own birthday at top of blog another day.

Michael Barnes posted about the celebration of the gifts our friend Dana Friisen-Hansen has shared with Austin these last 12+ years. Regret we missed the celebration; we’ll share a meal with Dana & Mark Holzbach soon upon their return. They’ve both been huge contributors to Austin – sure hope they stay here.

Michael Mitchell posted on Robert Torian’s birthday. Robert’s one of my dearest, oldest friends; we celebrated his 50th at the Highball tonight. I had to skip out a little earlier than the others. Start another big week this weekend and need a few early nights.

Big EF board, planning & strategic discussion meeting yesterday. We’re lucky to have one of the best nonprofit boards in the city – chaired by Bill Bock and includes Jeff Browning, Scott Collier, Elizabeth Davis, Dave Hood, Paul Hurdlow, David Lee, Jan Lindelow, Phil Siegel, Ellen Wood & moi. Terrific and challenging discussion – as it should be. Nice shot in the arm to reload, refocus and further challenge ourselves.

The W Hotel – finally checked it out last night. It’s become quite the buzz downtown. Enjoyed the lounge, seated by a big fire with friends Adrienne Donato (in from DC), Kirk & Amy Rudy, Luke Hayes & Wyeth Wiedeman.  Adrienne & I enjoyed a late night dinner at Congress Bar after – can’t get enough of Chef Bull’s cooking. Since I’ve become so paranoid about driving even after just a couple of drinks; the W’s driver offered me a ride home.

The Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce celebrated Lance Armstrong as the 2011 Austinite of the Year today at a luncheon. Many thanks to my friend (affectionately known as one of my two other husbands) Doug Ulman for inviting me to join him at the LIVESTRONG table. Mark Winkelman was with us and was delightfully misbehaved. Great friends from Austin Ventures all around us. Lance deserves this; he’s built an extraordinary foundation empowering survivors around the world. Enjoyed meeting with LIVESTRONG EVP of Mission, Andy Miller and our friend, Paul Scott who now runs AIDS Services of Austin immediately after. Andy’s their board chair elect. Watch out, they’re a powerful team.

Oh yeah, and two unexpectedly delightful meetings starting out my morning – breakfast with Ed Wendler, Jr. Can’t believe we’ve never met; I adored his dad. He’s got enough of his dad in him (the champion of liberalism, inclusion and advocacy sides) that I enjoyed our chat despite some differences. And, coffee with an entrepreneur who’s relatively new to town, Evan Loomis, who might just help change the world. Be on the lookout for Treehouse; the WholeFoods of home building supplies. Might have just made a new, close friend.

[gosh, how’d I forget. Waited over an hour for a cab this morning and just couldn’t get one to the house. Finally, saw a neighbor in his yard and begged for a ride. There’s a punch line here but I can’t rat him out. He gave me a ride & I felt guilty as hell.]

And following up on my New York meetings last week. Hard to imagine how the results could be better. Working on a team that includes Andy Tobias and Jamie Citron is energizing. Charles Myer joining us is like an extra booster rocket.

And, Steven’s in London working for a rock star Austin company. I miss him when he’s away. Good gosh how this man empowers me.