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Cory Monteith on Elllen

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Judge Robert Pitman for US Attorney

(Community Matters) sad that Congressman Lloyd Doggett continues to block Judge Robert Pitman’s nomination as US Attorney, Texas’ Western District.

Despite drawing the *most* excellent of ratings of 42 local judges in the annual bar poll in 2009and 2010, despite impeccable qualifications having served as assistant, deputy and acting US Attorney Texas’ Western District . . . Lloyd continues to block Robert’s nomination – I believe either because he is gay (&  the Congressman unwilling to risk displeasure of other constituents) or because Cornyn and Hutchinson have approved his nomination. Of course, since Senator Leahy requires endorsement from a state’s senator, this is critical. And, of course, Lloyd’s first choice also had the endorsement of the senators. However, Lloyd’s first nominee was not gay – nor did he enjoy anywhere near the respect of his peers nor the eminence of qualifications.

For this 13 years as a prosecutor, Robert received universal praise – AAS story here.

Congressman Doggett – who has refused to even return Judge Pitman’s calls much less meet with him to explain his position for 2.5 years – responds to inquires by deflecting – either noting that the White House is dragging its feet (this isn’t true, they are ready to proceed with Robert’s nomination – everyone agrees he’s the best candidate), or that this nomination should be held up until others are filled, or that Senator Cornyn is hijacking the nominations process, then further deflecting by noting that Senator Cornyn is not our friend. While Senator Cornyn has certainly not supported LGBT equality, he very explicitly & publicly supports Judge Pitman’s nomination fully aware & willing to stand up for a gay nominee. Sadly, this is not the case for our own Congressional representative.

update: Originally, Lloyd said it was time to support a Hispanic nominee, thus why he support for someone other than Travis County’s #1 jurist. Then it had to also be someone from Bexar County. Then when that candidate withdrew, it didn’t have to be a Hispanic, it was Michael Bernard. Then it became a non-Hispanic and a Travis County resident – who Lloyd actually recruited to throw his name in the hat (Scott) – anyone but Robert.