Daily Archives: 02/05/2011

Right Wing Pundits

(Community Matters) good gosh, now they are publicly planning & coordinating their attacks w/ GOP: next week we’ll be hearing comparisons to middle east unrest & Jimmy Carter & rising oil prices. Of course, let’s just ignore that people rising up for Democracy is a good thing

Cairo, Crowd-Led Dissent or the Military?

(Community Matters) there’s an interesting video here, of Stratfor CEO George Friedman suggesting it isn’t the crowds pushing Mubarak out but the Egyptian military

from Stratfor, satellite imagery of military presence/placement in Cairo

video here


Zach Theatre Groundbreaking

(Community Matters) Big deal for Austin, groundbreaking for Zach’s Topfer Theatre. Michael Barnes’ posting here. Didn’t mention Tom Terkel’s extraordinary leadership for the capital campaign nor Tommie Meredith’s, so I’ll add.

Steven and I adore Zachary Scott & recognize it/them as critical to Austin’s eco system. Were our resources (time & treasure) more abundant, we’d definitely play there too. Thank gosh so many do – thank you