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Afghan Women’s Shelters

(Community Matters) The US must stand strong & unwavering w/ Afghan women & against the Afghan gov’t on this http://bit.ly/h5kHZQ


(Community Matters) I almost always love visits to Houston. Steven and I miss our regular evenings at the Alley Theatre (decided to give up our season tickets after missing too many shows in 2009 & 2010). The vibrancy, diversity and internationalism of the city creates an electrical charge you can physically feel (well, if you are like me and these sort of things monetize physically 🙂 ).

Lunch with my friend, the esteemed former Mayor Bill White. Bill’s looking great and certainly isn’t thinking any less big than when he ran the country’s 4th largest city or the Texas gubernatorial campaign that won more D voters than any before his. And, finally had the honor of meeting Mayor Annise Parker. Only Houston’s second female mayor, she’s the first LGBT mayor of a major American city. A national merit scholar, former Mosbacher Engergy analyst, former city council member and former city controller, Mayor Parker won the runoff with 53% of the vote. She’s up for reelection; Steven and I will host a fundraiser in Austin. She’s a charismatic, caring, generous and thoughtful chief executive – a real star in our tribe. Fundraiser extraordiniare and Victory Fund board member David Arpin, our gracious host.

Wow – Houston HRC’s commitment to diversity and inclusion is like nothing I’ve ever seen (except in plans, here they’ve actually done it). LeRence Snowden hosted us and a group of Houston HRC leaders. It was a wonderful listen and talk session. Jamie captured lots of stories I suspect we’ll see some of them in play communicating the principles and values we’re promoting.  Our Houston trip capped off by dinner at Ibiza with Grant Kaiser & John Furnish. Surprised we’d never met before; we share many mutual friends. Enlightening conversation and felt like an evening with old friends – especially comforting since I haven’t been with Steven enough lately. It’s obviously they adore each other as much as we do.  Nice to say hello to Cameron Lockley’s cousin Grant Cooper (Ibiza co-owner) on the way out. Cameron, he says hello and that he’s stopping by La Sombra soon.