Daily Archives: 02/07/2011

Birthday Weekend

(Community Matters) low key celebrated my 50th birthday this weekend.

w/ Benjamin Brooks

Friday and Saturday nights a few close friends hosted small, intimate dinner parties (not birthday parties). Margo Weisz’s & Gregory Brook’s 5-yo son, Benjamin, decided to make me a present, and I proudly wore the birthday crown.

My fifties . . . feels like I’ve been waiting for this age all my life, even though I wasn’t always sure I would reach it. The momentum for my ability to share my gifts, talents and networks has been building so it feels like I’m launched into an exponentially productive time.

Steven & I will soon enter our 13th year together  – there’s beyond much to be said for our intimacy & friendship, our marriage – and there’s much to be analyzed and understood about the synergy of our principles, talents and ambitions. We fell in love discussing community, family and friends (in addition to my realizing he was that tall, goodlooking genius scholar, artist and theologian I’d always dreamed about). Our definitions of community have expanded – in some contexts even globally – and certainly we include a few new friends within our definition of family. Neither of us are without a healthy ego, and I’m lucky to have fallen in love with a man who’s ego (as I flatter myself into thinking likewise) is mostly feed by the numbers being helped, befriended and empowered. Yes, of course our egos also have egocentricities:  my husband loves the applause of the stage, the affirmation of students; I love access and not waiting in lines.

Steven’s ahead of me in discerning the wisdom which allows us to do more gently and in a way which even further empowers others. That’s one of my ambitions for my 50s. And, my words for this year – Let’s Play,  inviting others to join us in making good things happen, while having fun – are complimentary.

Rolling Blackouts

(Community Matters) I was in NY during the blackouts so didn’t think much about ’em. Texas Observer on ERCOT, potential market manipulation – guess all would qualify as price gouging, and I think that’s still illegal. I don’t have the foggiest on this topic, however. I’ve never really followed the issue except the headlines which I think suggested energy companies were responsible for manipulating the CA blackouts several years ago. If I had some time, I’d like to learn more.

Hat Tip: Burnt Orange

Muslim Brotherhood

(Community Matters) excellent summary of who is Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt

“Global perceptions of the Muslim Brotherhood & of political Islamists have not distinguished btwn pragmatist & militant Islamists, especially after 9/11 & rising fears over Hamas’ & Hezbollah’s successes. Instead, the MB often has been lumped in with the most radical of the radicals in Western eyes. Very little attention has been paid to the majority of Islamists who are not jihadists and instead are political forces. . . .the MB remains an untested political force that faces infighting & competitors for the Islamist mantel & a large secular population….the MB of Egypt is viewed as a very opaque organization, which increases U.S. & Israeli trepidations.”

well, I believe it is an excellent summary. Occurs to me I should seek out an opposing perspective. If you see one, please forward