Daily Archives: 02/13/2011

Austin HRC Dinner

(Community Matters) Lynn Yedell and Billy Wilkinson led the Human Rights Campaign back to among Austin’s top annual events and likely a favored civil rights organization in Austin again through their passionate, capable and attention-to-detail leadership.

Last night’s awardess: JoAnn McKenzie (the Betty Naylor Award, previously the Billy Ramsey Lifetime Achievement Award), Stephen Mills & Brent Hasty (the visibility award), and the Anti-Defamation League (the Equality Award, local ADL leader Karen Gross delivering a soul touching acceptance). Mad Men’s Bryan Batt received the national visibility award and delighted the audience with his fun & comedic acceptance. Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo was equally as engaging as the evening’s auctioneer. And, HRC Assoc Director of Diversity Allyson Robinson deeply touching all 400 of us in the room with her transgender story.

Kudos to the entire committee: Mellie Price, David Dupre, Kathrin Kersten, Rebecca Young, Alex Floyd, Jeff de Jong, Nichole Johnson, Hunter Brown, Veronica Castelo, Christopher Carbone, Scott Crews, Jill Skinner, Tamra English, Scott Ertresvaag, Libby Sykora, John Hogg, Daniel Brennan & Todd Cannon. Thanks to our guests for joining us (even though Steven in absentia) : Amy & Kirk Rudy, Aimee Boone, Michael Mitchell, DNC’s Jamie Citron, Comerica’s Tim & Barbara Klitch and HRC’s Marty Rouse, Kirk Rice, Robert Torian & Jim Frasier.

oh yeah, and much fun closing the night with Julie Thornton & John Spong at Congress Bar