Daily Archives: 02/19/2011

Happy Birthday, Suzanne

(Community Matters) celebrating Suzanne Deal Booth’s birthday


(Community Matters) it’s officially okay to now cite who’s speaking and playing today at TEDxAustin:

Mother Falcon, Robin O’Brien, Tavo Hellmund, Peter Hall, Osama Beider, Gilbert Tuhabonye, Flint Sparks, Gary Thompson,The Intergalatic Nemesis, Sylvia Acevedo, Sunny Vanderbeck, Dr. Lionel Tiger, Dr. Ralf Wagner, Dustin Haisler, Gregory Kallenberg, The Unfolding Song, Joaquin Zihuatanejo

The Entrepreneurs Foundation proud to be the event’s founding sponsor. Steven Tomlinson, Margaret Keys & Nancy Graves played a big role this year too. Dachis Group the premier event sponsor.