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Zach Wahls Speaks Up

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Darren Criss – Bills Bills Bills – Glee

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(Community Matters) Returning to my hotel late last night, hot tomato soup & grilled cheese from room service as comfort, I became glued to Rachel Maddow’s MSNBCs live coverage of Egypt. I’ve been trading emails with two of my favorite correspondents (Kirk Rudy & Steve Adler) on this for the last week but admittedly, I haven’t tuned in to watch until now. Attacks on protesters by pro-Mubarak supporters seems a mistake; appears now in hands of military. The implications for world peace are overwhelming; as an eternal optimist, I’m hopeful while cautious & concerned.

Wish I was in on next week’s meetings in Austin with Israeli Ambassador to the U.S., Michael Oren.

A Speakeasy, Milk & Honey

(Community Matters) Milk & Honey – it isn’t really a speakeasy since it’s legit, ie., licensed, though its discretion – no signs, stenciling on a nondescript metal door which reads M&H Tailors – might suggest evasion from authority. According to many, Sasha Petrosky is credited with bringing back the art of mixology, evidently Milk & Honey led this resurgence around the world and is regarded by many as its epicenter. Originally established as a private, members only bar, they now take limited (if there happens to be space) reservations from nonmembers, but defacto early in the evening and even earlier in the week.

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