A Speakeasy, Milk & Honey

(Community Matters) Milk & Honey – it isn’t really a speakeasy since it’s legit, ie., licensed, though its discretion – no signs, stenciling on a nondescript metal door which reads M&H Tailors – might suggest evasion from authority. According to many, Sasha Petrosky is credited with bringing back the art of mixology, evidently Milk & Honey led this resurgence around the world and is regarded by many as its epicenter. Originally established as a private, members only bar, they now take limited (if there happens to be space) reservations from nonmembers, but defacto early in the evening and even earlier in the week.

Thankfully, Rude Mechs co-founder Sarah Richardson has a membership, so we were able to obtain a last minute reservation (on the wait list for a few hours & as my cab was driving to Brandy Library I received a call to detour, our number had come in).

Our bartender was Michael (he’s been there 8 years and isn’t shy about sharing that it is the best bartending job in the world – noting that he’s from Ireland and wouldn’t be here to work anywhere else).

So . . . you don’t really order a drink, you talk about what you like – what kinds of liquors, what kind of tastes. A little banter back & forth, then Michael went to assembling what he’s decided to prescribe, starting with wonderful blocks of ice. My drinks last night:

1)    A Gold Rush: Elijah Craig Bourbon, lemon & honey

2)    Manhattan: Russells Reserve Rye, Angustura bitters & Antica Formula sweet vermouth, garnished with a very intense cherry at the bottom of glass.  We also talked about ryes – their recommendations for the best:   Templeton, Sazerac, or Van Winkle 13 yo

3)    Penicillin – Laphroaig (single malt scotch – ironic since my telling him I don’t like scotch inspired the choice), ginger, lemon & honey – garnished with a piece of ginger candy. Probably my favorite of all three great drinks

Milk & Honey is soon to relocate to a new, larger location in Flatiron – though retaining the aura of a discrete speakeasy. The current SOHO lounge will be transformed into something “equally intriguing.”

One response to “A Speakeasy, Milk & Honey

  1. How do I make reservations? Can you email me if you don’t want to post it online….sdaubney@gmail.com

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