Daily Archives: 02/06/2011

Iran, Nuclear, Israelis and Palestinians

(Community Matters) an afternoon email from Stratfor

The international campaign to head off Iran’s nuclear program would be strengthened if Israel would pursue peace with the Palestinians, British Defense Secretary Liam Fox said Feb. 6 at an annual Israeli security forum, Reuters reported. Israel previously stated that peace talks hinged on first curbing Iran. Progress toward a secure and universally recognized Israel alongside a viable and contiguous Palestinian state is important to defuse Iranian influence in the region, Fox stated. Regional powers and neighbors should not be obstacles and must ensure Iran is not using them to avoid or water down the impact of economic sanctions, Fox said.

An interesting switch of cart and horse. Instead of being read as evocative, wondering if Israelis might use as cover for relaunching peace talks – everyone seems to have an added incentive to do so today