Daily Archives: 02/22/2011

Joel Burns in Austin

(Community Matters) Terrific fundraiser for our friend Ft. Worth Council member Joel Burns organized by Aimee Boone. Joel speculated that we’ve known each other for 15 years. I was thinking about this, it’s probably 12.He and his partner J.D. Angle are extreme community stewards.

Joel’s smart, gracious, dedicated and Ft Worth proud – represents his residents and our LGBT community very well.

The hosts of yesterday’s event were Aimee, me & ST and Robert Nash. Sponsors included: Elma & James Aldrete, Robbie & Tom Ausley, Hon. Andy Brown (my breakfast date this morning – what a terrifically effective D chair), Amy & Steve Bruno, Harold Cook, Richard Craig, Aaron Day, Matteson Ellis, Rachel Ferris, Michael Foster, Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund, Heidi Gerbracht, David Glassco, Rachel Glast, Ryan Hammond, Sondra Halton, Jane Hedgepeth, HillCo Partners, Ikard Wynne LLP, Charlie Jackson, Robert Jones, MariBen Ramsey & Karen Kahan, Hon Ann Kitchen, Patsy & Ed Martin, Yael Ouzilou & Richard Merren, Kim Taylor & Spencer Miller-Payne, Bonnie Mills, Emily Amps Mora, Anne Olson, Douglas Plummer, Robin Rather, Beverly Reeves, Ellen Richards, Debra Richmond, Neesha Dave & Jeff Rotkoff, Barbara Schlief & Shelley Smith, Samantha Smoot, Emily & Dennis Speight, Ken Lambrecht & Ken Stein, Tanya Tarr, Wyeth Wiedeman