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Marfa Public Radio Expands Into Odessa

(Community Matters) Last week we learned our (I’m on the MPR board of directors) bid for the Odessa Public Radio station (KOCV) was accepted by trustees of Odessa College. Since they were divesting themselves of the station and mission, we decided our mission to serve West Texas included ensuring the availability of public radio in the Permian Basin. I’m pleased to see the positive responses from our existing listeners and supporters.

Listener Comments on KOCV bid win, 2/23/2011 – 2/25/2011

“That is wonderful news, you should all be proud of yourselves!!!!”

Congratulations on the Odessa station. Quality shows.”

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Meals w/ Friends

(Community Matters) Meals w/ friends, it’s my favorite form of communion.

Spectacular weekend on top of Michael Barnes’ & Kip Keller’s reading week – Friday evening: w/ Sandi Aitken & Bob Tomlinson at Uchi; Saturday evening w/ Lily & Yigal Saad & Diane Land/Steve Adler at Second Kitchen; Sunday lunch: extra special Pat Braithwaite’s homecooking – Keith Braithwaite too; Sunday late dinner, our godson Luke Hayes over for a simple homecooked meal and Oscar watching.