Marfa Public Radio Expands Into Odessa

(Community Matters) Last week we learned our (I’m on the MPR board of directors) bid for the Odessa Public Radio station (KOCV) was accepted by trustees of Odessa College. Since they were divesting themselves of the station and mission, we decided our mission to serve West Texas included ensuring the availability of public radio in the Permian Basin. I’m pleased to see the positive responses from our existing listeners and supporters.

Listener Comments on KOCV bid win, 2/23/2011 – 2/25/2011

“That is wonderful news, you should all be proud of yourselves!!!!”

Congratulations on the Odessa station. Quality shows.”

“Thank you, thank you for coming to the rescue of KOCV.  We enjoyed it for years, until the signal faded from Midland.  We enjoy Marfa Public Radio online, and I think your brand of West Texas will be a much better fit than San Antonio or Lubbock.  We appreciate you.”

“Big congrats on KOVC success! Amazing how much you all do with minimal resources. Proud of you!”

“Thanks for the update. The acquisition of KOCV is welcomed. I will continue to support your station and appreciate the service you provide for West Texas and the nation as a whole.”

“Thanks for the up-date. It is good to hear about Odessa College selecting MPR for KOVC.  Congratulations on a number of fronts — they’re all wrapped-up in having the largest NPR geographic territory (and I suppose, still the smallest population base).  As far as I’m concerned, you and your staff are doing an amazing job.  Yes, I wish the budget allowed all of us rubbing the magic lamp and getting our wishes to come to immediate fruition.  Given the reality of population-territory and no magic lantern, you’re doing your share of magic out here.  MPR adds to the quality of life in our sparsely populated, enormously scenic region.”

“Congratulations on acquisition! Let us know how we can help you.”

“Congratulations and thank you for all you do to make MPR such a great station!”

“Congratulations on the Odessa move—-I remember a guy from O coming into the station last year and wishing that KRTS would takeover that zone—you are doing a very impressive job as the information and culture meister of W Texas.”  –

Great news!! A fantastically important strategic move ensuring the future of community public broadcasting in Far West Texas. My compliments to the board for seeing this through!”

“CONGRATULATIONS! Was hoping you would get it, use to have Marfa relatives. I can’t support financially, but u have my moral support.”

“I read about this in the Odessa American today.  Congratulations.”

“Wow. This great!”

“Congratulations Tom and All the Staff at 93.5FM for bring about this wonderful news.”

This is great news on our end. As you know, we were forced to drop the idea of taking the station after OC decided, again, to retain the license last year. In the meantime, we began our capital campaign to move our station and no longer have the resources for this. Marfa will do a great job and we’re already working on partnerships with their outstanding team, led by Tom Michael. It’ll be a tough road. The station had been severely neglected and the weak signal does not reach Midland, but Marfa is well equipped to bring it to life.” – Daphne Dowdy in a message to her Board at Basin PBS, the public television station

“Go Marfa KRTS, Go!!!! I am with you. You guys do a fantastic job!”

“What a neat radio station! I’ve been listening to you for most of the week on WinAmp player. The daily talk show is something to look forward to every day. Your volunteer on-air staff is good; and they know their music. I’m happy to see Marfa Public Radio expand into Midland-Odessa.”

“Big article in Odessa newspaper today concerning MPR winning bid for KOCV. Congratulations! Love your programming, listen all day long when I’m down there.”

“Congrats on winning the bid for KOCV! Glad KRTS will be expanding its horizons to the Permian Basin. “Radio For A Wide Range” is absolutely right!”

“Marfa Public Radio – the little engine that could just added another locomotive!”

“Way to go KRTS. I have already heard from Permian Basin folks waiting to hear from you!”

“Congratulations on a wonderful and fruitful purchase. Long live Marfa Public Radio!”

“Right On!”

“INCREDIBLE. Look out Permian Basin!!”

“Congratulations Tom!  Job well done. They made the right decision.”

“Congratulations! I know this will be a challenge for you and colleagues, but also a tremendous opportunity for public service, and to put your organization on a broader and sounder financial footing.”

The little station that could!  I’m SO very proud of your efforts & energy.”

“Terrific move.”

“I’m speechless. How truly excellent.”

This is awesome. Congratulations and thanks for all your hard work!!!”

Just saw the news that is fantastic!”

“Many congratulations to you and the MPR team for winning the bid for KOCV. I am so proud of you!”

“Tom, I wanted to thank you for your outstanding professionalism throughout the bid process and it has been a pleasure working with Marfa Public Radio!”

“Congrats on expanding your public air waves in West Texas!  It would have been more thrilling if it had been a hositle take over involving six shooters and a stand-off at the radio tower instead of the very amicable and oh so positive event that it was.  But that is just me wanting to live vicariously with a wild west flair.  All the quotes I read were very good and letting the other guys speak so positively was excellent PR.  We know that you are up for the new adventure and challenge.”

Congratulations on acquiring the Midland/Odessa signal!”

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