Muslim Brotherhood

(Community Matters) excellent summary of who is Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt

“Global perceptions of the Muslim Brotherhood & of political Islamists have not distinguished btwn pragmatist & militant Islamists, especially after 9/11 & rising fears over Hamas’ & Hezbollah’s successes. Instead, the MB often has been lumped in with the most radical of the radicals in Western eyes. Very little attention has been paid to the majority of Islamists who are not jihadists and instead are political forces. . . .the MB remains an untested political force that faces infighting & competitors for the Islamist mantel & a large secular population….the MB of Egypt is viewed as a very opaque organization, which increases U.S. & Israeli trepidations.”

well, I believe it is an excellent summary. Occurs to me I should seek out an opposing perspective. If you see one, please forward

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