Celebrating Fonda San Miguel

(Community Matters) Last night we celebrated another anniversary of Fonda San Miguel. The invitation didn’t say which, but I think its 37th.

Its founders (& my close friends for over 20 years) Tom Gilliland & Miguel Ravago are always the most gracious of hosts. Janice Harris & Danny Herrera (office & general manager, respectively) certainly key members of this family. Graham Reynolds joined me (Steven’s been on the road tons – currently London and Graham’s SO, Shawn Sides is directing a play in LA, so we’ve been hanging) and lots, lots, lots of friends enjoyed Victoria Hentrich’s & David Kurio’s production.  Nina Seely, Becky Beaver, John Duncan, Armando Zambrano, Brian Gardner, Graydon Parish, Linda Ball, Forrest Preece, Michael Barnes, Amalia Rodriguez-Mendoza . . .

For years, FSM has been one of the most important restaurants in Central Texas (I’m doubt few other Texas restaurants have been honored as often by the James Beard Society) and for many years it was “my private dining room” – where I took guests when we most wanted hospitality, comfort, warmth and great food. It’s still a Central Texas treasure. Happy Anniversary, FSM.

in the photo: Cameron Caja, Janice Harris & Randa Harris

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