A 12-yo’s Letter

(Community Matters) Our godson was tasked with writing to a politician as a school assignment

Dear Members of the Senate,

Almost every man and woman in the U.S. Senate is against gay marriage. My godfathers are gay, and they act like normal people. I have also met many gay men and women and they act like normal people. The Defense of Family Act should be taken away because gay marriage does not ruin families! In fact people like my godfathers prove gay people sometimes make the best of families. Gay men and women deserve the same rights as anyone else.

Terrible things are happening to gay people in our country. There are rallies against gay marriage, and the KKK has many protests against gay marriage. People have killed gays, and those criminals did not get a 25 to life sentence judged against them. Thankfully President Barak Obama took away the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell rule, so at least gay people can have loved ones in the open and serve their country in the military.

In almost all of the states in America gay marriage is illegal. Some people don’t have the money to go to Canada and get married; this could cause gay men and women to become depressed and kill themselves. This is not something that we think of when we think of the America we love and you help govern.

My entire family supports gay marriage. The effect of that is this paper. This paper is to show people how I feel about gay marriage.

There was a man named Harvey Milk. He ran for mayor of San Francisco, and at the time was the only openly gay man to run for political office. I now know why, he was murdered and he would have been mayor. The man that killed him only served 5 years in prison! Gays are scared, and we need them not to be scared. Gay Americans are first, Americans.  Please consider them and their rights when you consider the rights of all Americans.  Thank you for your service.


Nico Selby


He’s a precocious kid. Really did write this on his own. I only saw it after it was submitted. Of course, during the primary, Nico would update me with commentary about Sen Clinton’s and Obama’s progress

2 responses to “A 12-yo’s Letter

  1. Nico is a very wise man. Please tell him “thank you” for his support of gay and lesbian Americans. The fact that he was willing to write that letter for this assignment makes him one of my heroes.

  2. Full disclosure: I live with this kid and love him very much and I am married to his mom. I just want to say how proud I am of him for writing this and that if he ever runs for office on that platform, I’ll vote for him. And even knock doors for him. Thank you, Eugene, for posting this; I hope it makes some legislators think about what they are doing.

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