Tom Segesta

(Community Matters) Austin will miss Four Seasons general manager, Tom Segesta. During his tenure (8ish years?) Tom’s become a leader in Austin’s community and of course oversees Austin’s most important hospitality property. Friends, clients and guests turned out yesterday to say goodbye to Tom and hello to the new GM, Rob Hagelberg, who has transferred from their Westlake Village property in LA.

Sad to see Tom leave Austin, though imagine my future travel schedule will provide frequent opportunities to stay in his new domains, the Four Seasons and Ritz Carlton  in Chicago.

The ballroom full of well wishers including Lynn Meredith, Pete & Tomi Winstead (still swooming over the well deserved tribute at Wed’s ADL jurisprudence luncheon), Charles Barnett, Susan Lubin (who’s chairing the upcoming Seton gala), Mort & Bobby Topfer, Armando Zambrano & Brian Gardner, c/m Randi Shade & Kayla Shell, Ben Barnes, Will Wynn, Mary Herr & Rusty Tally, and heaps of others

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